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A Guide to Escort Etiquette

This page is for the men who have never hired an escort before, and are seriously considering making that first call.

There are so many lovely Escorts all over the World who can be your most enjoyable and intimate adult companions. To develop and maintain a quality relationship with an escort it is good to become familiar with and practice good escort etiquette. Yes, the adult escort industry has ground rules and if you’d like to have good experiences it is recommended you become familiar with them right from the start.

There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to contact an Escort. You can be guaranteed not to hear back from the lady if you are rude, crude, ask personal questions, ask sexually explicit questions, ask questions about sex and money, or in any way speak in a condescending manner and are disrespectful, or ask annoying questions that are already on the escort’s ad or personal website.

Learn all you can about an Escort.

First Things First: Do Your Homework

Spending a little bit of time online is all it takes to save you from the risk of having a bad experience or getting ripped off from one of the lesser quality providers. If you don’t do your homework you are leaving to chance the outcome of your experience and will have no one to blame but yourself in you meet the “Escort from hell.”

A good place to start is to look at Escort Review Sites like The Erotic Review and Big Doggie.

On these escort review sites you can read feedback posted by other customers about a lady. Information about her looks, appearance, timeliness, professionalism, attitude, and the types of services the lady provided, even her rates regarding such. And lastly the overall summation of the lady as is crucial to assessing the entire experience.

Lots of escorts have website banner ads linking back to escort review boards and internet escort directories. Get started by clicking on these ads and looking at their websites. You can learn a great deal of information here as a lady’s personal escort site contains lots of information, like her preferred method of communication and booking, whether she screens new callers before booking, what are her available services and limitations, her rates, hourly, day, overnight, weekend, etc., even a wish list for those men looking to surprise her with a nice gift she will like.

Some of the more savvy escorts have suggestions to etiquette, and please take her suggestions seriously as this is their way of advertising their preferred way of doing business. Take the time to read through their entire site not just look at her photos and rates.

Next, return to the escort review boards and do a name search on the lady for the last six months. Read her reviews and you should be able to get a read on her personality and quality of service. At this point you may have a list of a few sexy escorts that appeal to you. Take this list and go to any of the following escort review sites to see if any feedback has been posted about them.

Initial Contact

If the lady’s escort site has an appointment request form, fill it out, providing her the requested information. This is where many men make their first mistake by not following instructions. If you don’t like an escort’s contact terms or want you do not want to reveal any personal or contact information about yourself then it is best move on.

If her form has a comment section, whatever you say do not make any rude or sexually suggestive comments. To do so will insure you never hear from the lady.

I f she doesn’t have a request form and only has an email or phone number then use this to initiate contact. For a first email keep it simple. In the Subject Line, use something like… “Hi from Robert” or “Appointment Request from Robert” … this will get her attention to read your email.

Do NOT write, ” I need it bad “, “or “Please Do me !” or ” Do you do Greek?, Full Service, or Bareback?” To do so, rest assured you will never get your email read and will automatically end up being deleted, very likely put in her personal blocked list, and maybe even listed on National Blacklist for being clueless.

Keep your email simple and respectful.

Hello: I’m Robert from Des Moines Iowa . I visited your escort ad and I would like to make an appointment to see you. I will be in your town from this date to that date. I was wondering if you might have time available during my visit?

Include your contact phone # and best time to call.

Two special notes of merit here:

Spelling and punctuation count. Some ladies will not see local guys no matter what. Most escorts are very good about returning respectful emails. You should generally get a response in 48 hours or less. Some escorts have auto-response set up and the first email back to you may be that. Some escorts are very busy. Another delay in a reply and maybe the lady is traveling, on vacation or on an extended appointment. Just because she doesn’t reply to you right away, it doesn’t mean bad news. If you have no response after 3 days, you may try once more as sometimes emails do get deleted by mistake or overlooked in her junk mail box.


Once your Escort has answered your initial email or called you. Now comes the verification phase. I don’t mean your driver’s license I mean escort references. If you’ve never seen an escort and have no references, then the escort you are trying to book is going ask for information that will appease her concerns that you are not some police officer or other government agency trying to entrap her. She will also want to make sure you do not have a bad reputation for ripping off or abusing escorts.

Therefore the escort is going to ask for what seems like personal information, work phone, company name. Don’t fight it. She’s merely trying to protect herself and her clients (perhaps soon to be you) from potential problems. Keep in mind she wants to make the appointment too and has a vested interest in “discretion.” Some escorts ask for a little information, some ask for more. If you refuse to provide her with the information you can forget about an appointment with the lady. The Verification is a safety process you normally can’t negotiate. Either you meet her terms and respect her wishes or she will choose not to see you.

There are escorts who will prefer to call on the phone rather than answer your email if you left a contact number and a ‘safe’ time to call. Once this dialogue has been opened now is the time to find out more information about the lady.

Does she have a favorite meal, favorite flower or favorite wine? What kind of music does she like? What is her favorite thing to do? What does she dislike? Now this is assuming, this information is NOT on her web site. There is no greater way to look more foolish than by asking questions she has painstakingly posted on her website.

If this is your first time tell her. She’ll appreciate your candor. Share with her your favorites, likes and dislikes. If you are bit nervous that is understandable, but be a MAN and tell her. Most ladies are fantastic and willing to put you at ease. This is not the time to be shy, bluff your way through, or tough it out!! Finalize the date, time, place and length of your meeting.


Some Escorts will only meet you in a public place the first time while others will come right to your room. Even still there are a few who prefer a quick 15 or 20 minutes for get to know you drink the day before.

If her site doesn’t cover it, politely ask “What are your first meeting policies?”

This information is what you need to learn, during your communications leading up to your meeting. An important warning here is the lady may have given you her cellular or other contact number. Now is NOT the time to become NEEDY or a phone stalker. Some ladies are very talkative and will call you more than a few times. Others may only call once or twice. Follow her lead and respect her wishes.

What if a man answers? There will be cases where you call (Make sure your phone# is NOT blocked) the number on the web site and a man answers. Don’t Panic! Calmly and politely say a greeting “hello”, “good afternoon” followed by, did I dial 555-1212 or whatever the published number is on the web site. Often you HAVE dialed the right number and yes her bookings are done by a man. No problem!

Conduct yourself like you would in any other professional situation. They have a service you want and you are calling to contract those services. Just remember the same discretion rules of what you can and cannot say STILL apply. Asking “so buddy, how much for a BJ ” or ” have you dated her yourself ” is a guaranteed hang up. It also screams ” Hi I’m a dumb ass with no class. “

The Big Date With your Escort

Nothing can be stressed more here than be Clean and well groomed. Be freshly showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and YES, you should be dressed.

Answering the door in your white boxers works fine for scaring away Jehovah Witnesses but it is bad for a first meeting with an escort. The only pleasure you will have is the probability of watching her walk away.

Be level headed, alcohol and drug free and have no drugs in the room if you partake in that sort of thing. After an escort gets to know you and feels comfortable with you she may enjoy a glass of wine with you but at first she’ll want to keep her wits about her. Falling down drunk or drugged out is also a bad idea. Companions of a certain caliber will leave immediately if you fall into either two of these categories.

So, there she is, standing in the doorway, offer her your hand invite her in and offer her a seat. Ask if she wants something to drink. If you are really savvy, a fresh vase of her favorite flowers is a great touch and invite her to take them when she leaves. Expect to sit and chat for a little bit to break the ice. Have a glass of, juice, soda or wine. However, don’t be put off is she refuses alcoholic beverages nor push the issue. Smile, respect it and have something else to offer just in case.

Depending on the area of the country you are in you may be asked to show her your driver’s license. Have it readily available along with her fee in clear view on the coffee table or stand. Whatever you do, don’t ask so what am I getting for this? She’ll think you’re a cop and are wired to record her responses.

That’s what your research was for and any smart Companion will turn around and walk. Be a considerate client by having the fee in a white envelope in plain sight is best. Some will excuse themselves and go to the bathroom to check all is in order. There are some places the Companion will see the envelope but say nothing or even touch it till the end of the meeting.

After the small chit chat, the Companion may or may not excuse herself to the bathroom while telling you to “get comfortable”.

This is your sign to “get undressed”. Remember her boundaries and that No means No! If you’re a bit nervous most ladies will sense this and lead you through the meeting. Remember attitude is key. If you are polite, act like a gentleman and treat the lady with respect and dignity, you are pretty much going to have a good time.

If the Lad performs a GFE (Girl Friend Experience) Expect Condoms to be used. DON’T EVEN ASK NOT TO!

If the lady offers a BBBJ (Oral Sex Without Condom), only you can decide if you can accept the risk. Some ladies will, some ladies won’t. If you can’t accept the risk, ask her to use a condom. Some ladies will kiss, some won’t. All of these things should be no surprise to you if you have done your homework. Then expect some more small talk at the end.

Outcall Appointments

Much of this was covered in the previous section, but it is good to read this again. If you book an escort to come to your home, apartment, or hotel room, please make sure she has a convenient place to park. Make sure your place and play space is clean and neat so she will feel comfortable. It’s always a good idea to have some beverages available for her, from bottled water, to wine or beer. If you like to drink or need a drink to ease your first time nerves, that’s okay, just make sure you are not drunk when your escort arrives. Unless you have a beard or mustache, be clean shaven, freshly showered, and maybe even a light hint of cologne or aftershave. You may wear clothes or a robe, but do not greet her at the door in your birthday suit.

Incall Appointments

If you get an escort’s incall location, please treat this information carefully. Do not share it with anyone else or accidentally allow it to fall in anyone else’s possession. Respect her place at all times. Do not go anywhere you are not instructed to go, do not snoop, do not put your feet up on the furniture. That may be fine at your place but respect her place in case she’s a bit more formal in her home than you are at yours. Do not ever ever show up to her place without an appointment! In case you missed that, read it again and live by it.


If you enjoyed the experience and wish to thank her by writing a good review I suggest you ask her first. If you don’t write reviews then just don’t offer, or don’t promise one and fail to follow up. Some escorts starting out may want the help in developing their reputations and will ask you to write a review. If you’re not comfortable writing one just let her know. Other escorts will not want a review no matter what, respect her wishes here. Escorts not wanting reviews are usually the very upscale or elite ladies. They prefer to maintain a low profile and away from the drama that occurs within the hobbyist communities.


While Agency Escorts usually work for tips, Independent Escorts usually have an “all inclusive service” meaning no tipping. However it is ALWAYS a good idea, especially if the lady has gone extra mile. Let’s be honest, he who tips best, will get the best service in the long run. The escorts always appreciate them.


Some clients send a short email within a couple of days thanking the escort or escort agency owner for the time spent. This is the polite thing to do and it keeps the door open for future meetings. When dealing with an agency it’s not unheard of to call and let them know you were pleased. After all every legitimate business owner wants constructive feedback.

The follow up doesn’t mean send an email every day, or make a phone call every day either. Just a short thank you until the next time will do. The Bottom line is to treat the escort like a lady, with dignity and the way you expect to be treated. Act with kindness, manners and respect and the respect will be returned by the Companion. If you have taken the time to research and find an escort who fits your needs, there is no reason you should not have an enjoyable experience.

These are the ground rules. Follow them and I assure you a better time with your prospective companions.